Management Services

Our management philosophy is to operate each property from an owner’s perspective while understanding the needs of the tenants.   We provide the following property management services.

Accounting Operations
Our staff works with many other professionals, including real estate brokers, accountants, attorneys, bankers, IT consultants, to deliver the services below with efficiency and integrity. We take great pride in what is the backbone of our management services.

  • Review lease applications and prepare new and renewal leases
  • Maintain tenant security accounts
  • Bill and collect rent and escalations
  • Authorize timely and accurate vendor payments
  • Make mortgage, tax and other recurring payments
  • Prepare monthly financial reports for clients and their financial advisors
  • Prepare annual property operating budgets
  • Safeguard client’s interests through the review of insurance requirements and recommendations
  • File DHCR Rent Registrations, MCI Rent Increases, MBR increases, Tax Certiorari, and RPIE with New York State and New York City agencies.
  • Comply with frequently changing regulatory requirements


Building Operations
We have excellent relationships with a wide variety of maintenance contractors and professionals who help to handle repair and maintenance issues, compliance issues, and building improvement projects.


  • Regular property Inspections
  • Match the right vendor to specific maintenance issues
  • Manage turnover of vacant residential, commercial and retail space
  • Verify required permits, licenses, and inspections are secured for the properties
  • Hire customer-centric building staff for regular maintenance and repairs
  • Schedule and manage capital improvement projects for buildings including boiler replacements, façade restorations, and elevator modernizations