Our Experience

We are dedicated to helping our clients find creative, thorough and cost-effective solutions to problems that arise.

In Greenwich Village, the steel beam carrying the storefront and sidewalk in front of a busy retail store was almost completely disintegrated from water seeping over time under the storefront and into the building due to the sidewalk being improperly pitched.  Faced with a potential structural issue, we needed to quickly fix the problem.  An engineer was retained to file for permits for an emergency repair and to design the steel for the replacement the challenge was to work together with the tenant in order to complete the work and minimize the disruption to their business.  This was a busy commercial Laundromat open 7 days a week.  During the demolition phase, an additional steel beam under the ceiling plaster in the basement was also severely compromised.   The general contractor, engineer, and property manager met on site and made plans to install temporary shoring, while an additional steel beam was ordered per the engineer’s specifications.  The new sidewalk was poured (pitched away from the building this time) and the emergency repair was completed.   During this construction, the retail tenant was closed for only one (1) business one day.     The costs were on budget, except for the additional beam, and the structural problem was fixed.